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tiny houses

Our tiny houses are custom designed and built for you.  We consider the transportation, the climate, and the usage of your unit so you will be thoroughly satisfied with your creation.  We can build these on trailers with wheels or on small foundations depending on your local zoning code.  We specialize in using non-toxic building materials and proper ventilation to provide the best indoor air quality possible. With endless possibilities, it is best to message or call us and set up a discovery call to discuss your tiny house dream! 

Click here for a detailed look at one of our past models - the 28-Foot Tiny House on Wheels

Take a look at some of our past work in the gallery below (click on the photo to open it in full screen mode before scrolling with the arrows). 

Questions about our pricing structure, warranty, timelines, or availability? 

Just drop us a line or call - we look forward to talking with you! 

(740) 809-2299

Granville, OH

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