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What a few of our past clients are saying...

Tony & Jodi S. 

"Dan and Melissa of True Way Homes were so attentive, understanding, and  patient with us throughout the entire home building process. Watching them turn every wish we had into a reality, left us feeling so blessed that we were guided to work with them. They were completely transparent, trustworthy, responsive, and reliant. Communication throughout the process was better than we could have ever expected.  Now that we are in our new home, we can see what an amazing job they did anticipating our needs by designing a home so functional for our family. If you are considering a new construction, we highly urge you to meet with True Way Homes!"

Chuck & Alicia D.

"Prior to working with True Way Homes, we started down the well-worn path of working with a  large custom home builder.  We quickly felt like a number and it didn’t feel custom anymore.  After meeting with Dan and Melissa, the decision to leave the large builder and our deposit, was one of the easiest decisions we made in building our new home.  Most builders build their cost by charging a markup or margin on the actual cost, and most also make additional revenues by charging for change orders along the way.  True Way Homes charges a cost plus fixed fee, so it doesn’t matter the cost of the materials or finishes we chose - their fee for managing the project remained fixed. This felt more fair to us and we are happy to have worked with True Way Homes as we designed and built our truly custom home."

Tom & Deanna P. 

"We would highly recommend Dan and Melissa Ossman as home builders.  We say HOME builders because they think beyond just the structure of the house - they think toward your long term vision for filling your house with life-giving spaces for playing, loving, connecting with your family and others. As our new build went along and the spaces of our house began to take shape, we had a few things we realized we wanted to do differently. We were so thankful that Dan didn’t give us a hard time about making those changes.  When we asked him to move the attic door a few inches and switch where the door was for the office so the bookcase my grandfather had made would fit on this one wall, he smiled and took care of it! We can also highly recommend their character and honesty.  They were always up-front and fair with us about costs as well as the good, the bad and the ugly of the building process.  Someone told us that when you choose a builder, you should choose someone you’re going to enjoy being ‘in a relationship with’ for about a year.  We talked with other people who had some things go really badly with their builders, which makes us even more thankful that we chose to work with the Ossmans!"

Tom & Deanna P.

Dale & Marge H. 

"We had True Way Homes build our first home seven years ago and now they are building our second home that we will use as a rental. Dan & Melissa do a wonderful job with keeping us updated on the progress of the building and well informed on what is coming next. They let us know what we needed to choose and when we needed to have the decisions made by. Some things we were very particular in knowing what we wanted and they made those things work. However, there were other decisions that we didn’t have much of an opinion on, so they would just give us two or three options to choose from in those cases. Even with the economy’s tough supply chain issues, they were able to keep things managed well so we could enjoy the process. We are a repeat customer and would recommend them to anyone considering building their custom dream home!"

Questions about our pricing structure, warranty, timelines, or availability? 

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Granville, OH

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